Red Wing Dove
Just released wines:
2015 Tinto de Texas
2015 Ruby Cabernet
2015 Gholson Red
2016 Sangria Wine
2016 Spicy Peno Vino

Winery and Tasting Room Hours
Friday 4 - 7pm
Saturday 1 - 7pm
Sunday 1 - 4pm


We will be closed from Dec. 30, 2017 - January 25, 2018. No "Girls" Night Out in January, 2018.  We will be open for Sangria and Tamale Friday, January 26, 2018.

Enjoy a chilled white wine or an award winning red on the patio overlooking the beautiful view of the Gholson Creek Valley,


Red Wing Dove Wines:

      2012 Shiraz Reserve - Lone Star Bronze Medal Winner (Dry, Red,

              Barrel Aged for Two Years)  - Sold Out

      2013 T Rose' (Dry, Tempranillo Rose')

      2013 Viognier (Dry, White)

      2013 Honeysuckle (Lightly Sweet, White)

      2014 Pinot Gris (Dry, White Wine)

      2015 Tinto de Texas (Dry, Estate Tempranillo, Red Wine)

      2015 Ruby Cabernet (Dry, Red Wine)

      2015 Gholson Red (Dry, Ruby Cabernet/Tempranillo Blend)     

      2015 Peno Vino (Dry, White Wine Fermented w/ Fresh Jalapenos) 

      2015 Knock Out Rose' (Dry, Shiraz Rose' Wine)

      2015 Sweet Red Pepper (Sweet, Red, Ruby Cabernet/Tempranillo Blend)

      2015 Orange Blossom (Super Sweet, White)

      2015 Judy (Sweet, Blush Wine)

      2015 White Dove (Off Dry, 50% Pinot Gris/50% Pinot Blanc)

      2016 Peno Vino (Spicy, Dry, White Wine Fermented w/ Fresh Jalapenos)
      2016 Sangria Wine (Super Sweet, Fruity Wine)

Peach, Strawberry, Margarita, or Traditional Sangria some times available



Specialty cheeses and San Saba sensational flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar tastings are available.


All are welcome and we hope that you will stop by.

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