Red Wing Dove
December 19 - "Girls" Night Out
December 20 - Sangria and Tamale Friday
January 16 - "Girls" Night Out

"Girls" Night Out

Third Thursday, December 19/January 16
4 - 7pm
Bring your friends and your favorite snacks to share.

Red Wing Dove will prepare our delicious
Chicken Piccata


Tamale and Sangria Friday
(Friday before Christmas this year)

Friday, December 20

4 - 7:00pm

All are invited for delicious tamales and Red Wing Dove sangria!

Incredible Homemade Tamales prepared especially for

Red Wing Dove by MNO catering.

Cream cheese & jalapeno, pork and chicken tamales.

Chili, cheese, salsa, queso, guacamole, and chips included

$5.00 per person.


Sangria - Our Red Wing Dove

Traditional or other selected Sangria of the Month


Sit by the fireplace or enjoy a beautiful day and view from the patio with a lovely glass of wine.