Red Wing Dove

Harvest 2014 - 9 Tons of Grapes Harvested!

This was an excellent harvest with quality grapes.  Grapes juice has now fermented and is about 7000 liters of wine (divide by 3.785 to calculate gallons). We are anxious to finish processing and bottle but all good things take time, especially wine.

Harvest 2013 - hopefully no future year will be as poor!

The late freeze, two hail storms, and high winds brought extremely low yields for the Red Wing Dove vineyard.  The resulting harvest yielded less one ton of Shiraz grapes and 1/2 ton of Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc.  As all vineyards in Texas were similarly affected and some are much worse off than us. 

In order to have wine available for our customers next year, we will need to bring in grapes from California to sustain our business and keep producing wine.  We still have 10 barrels of last years Shiraz ready to bottle also.


This was a bumper crop year.  Several rows of grapes were left on the vines due to lack of capacity.

From over 11,000 # of grapes, we produced over ten 60 gallon barrels of Shiraz, 750 liters of Pinot Gris, and 750 liters of White Dove (blend of Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris).  The Tempranillo crop was small and resulted in only 70 bottles total, but very, very delicious.