Viognier –Dry

This is a big, bold white wine that is crafted using an aging process.  Malolactic fermentation and barrel enhancements smooth it’s roughness, naturally bringing out it’s Viognier grape flavors.

Pairs well with:  Chicken dishes, seafood and grilled meats.


Pinot Gris –Dry

Our Pinot Gris wine is developed using a method of malolactic fermentation and then aged in neutral oak barrels.  This process takes our coppery/silvery colored grapes and turns them into a very smooth and buttery Pinot Gris wine.

Pairs well with: creamy cheeses, seafood and pork tenderloin.


White Dove – Off-Dry

A natural roundness of flavor is developed from a blend of gentle Pinot Blanc and fuller bodied Pinot Gris grapes.  This dazzling wine is our choice for refreshment on a hot summers afternoon.

Pairs well with: seafood, pork and chicken.


Honeysuckle – Sweet

The name Honeysuckle is representative of this luscious, sweet wine that is crafted from Pinot Gris grapes.  You’ll enjoy the subtle aromas of apples and pears. “serve chilled”

Pairs well with:  chicken, seafood creamy cheeses.


Orange Blossom – Sweet

This super sweet wine is created from a blend of crisp Pinot Gris and musky Viognier and then fermented with whole fresh oranges. “serve chilled”

Pairs well with: soft cheeses and poultry.


Peño Vino –Mild/Spicy Dry

A full, natural jalapeno flavor is developed by fermenting fresh, whole jalapenos with our Pinot Gris wine. 

Pairs well with: Mexican style food or sipping with various hard cheeses.  This also makes a wonderful marinating wine that delivers a special extra touch of jalapeno pepper.


Blanco de Portejas - Sweet

 A sweet white desert wine.  American Oak barrel aged for more than 2 years, created in the styling of a Port wine. 

This caramel colored, rich wine pairs well with most deserts, or as a desert all of it's own!



Shiraz –Dry

Our big, bold Shiraz has a robust fruity flavor, exhibiting well integrated tannins and a nice balance of oak.   The notes have peppery blackberry and plum flavors typical of our warmer climate.  It is a great young wine, but as it ages, develops complexity and smoothness.  

Pairs well with: beef, and spicy Cajun or Mexican style foods.


Tinto de Texas –Dry

Our oaky, aromatic Tempranillo varietal offers hints of leather aromas with cherry flavors.  Oak barrel aging is employed to generate increased complexity and harmony.

Pairs well with: all kinds of foods, especially bolder meat dishes and aged cheeses. 


*SOLD OUT  Gholson Red –Dry (look for a new blend soon!)

Tempranillo and Ruby Cabernet grapes are crushed and fermented together, thus integrating their dark fruit flavors and savory tastes.

Pairs well with: grilled burgers, wood-fired pizza or marinated ribeye steaks.


Ruby Cabernet – Dry

 Ruby Cabernet is a hybrid of Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan grapes developed for hotter climates.  The quality of Cabernet along with oak barrel aging, produces a fine wine with strong tannins and acidity. 

Pairs well with: richer dishes such as BBQ beef ribs, mushroom risotto and full bodied cheeses.


Sweet Red Pepper – Sweet

Tempranillo and Ruby Cabernet grapes are crushed and fermented together, thus integrating their inherent aromas of chocolate and raspberry.  This scrumptious wine was created specifically for the sweet red wine lover.

Pairs well with:  most enjoy with early evening appetizers or after dinner.


Sangria – Sweet

Our beautiful, sweet Shiraz grapes are fermented with fresh oranges, lemons, limes and cherries to create this sweet and fruity Sangria wine.  “serve chilled, over ice”

Pairs well with: spicy foods, grilled chicken, or just as a refreshing drink. 


Rose' / Blushes:


T Rose’ –Dry

This varietal of Rose’ gets it’s strawberry complexion by lightly crushing Tempranillo grapes, offering hints of rich coffee.

Pairs well with: pork dishes and most deserts.


Knock – Out Rose’ –Dry

This varietal of Rose’ is drawn from lightly crushing Shiraz grapes to produce incredible flavor and freshness.  This premium and elegant Rose’ bursts with notes of strawberry and hints of spice. 

Pairs well with: pasta, grilled fish and especially chocolate or other deserts.


Judy –Sweet

This sweet, blush wine is a blend of 90% Pinot Gris and 10% Shiraz.  This produces a tint similar to a glowing Texas sunset.  These two bold wines, with balanced sweetness come together to offer a fresh wine with slight tannin.

Pairs well with: fruit, cheese, pork and turkey.